Anex Tour received the Russian press in Antalya


Anex Tour hosted 35 press representatives from different Russian cities in Antalya, organized by Nirvana Cosmopolitan.

Representatives of the Russian press, who are intimately familiar with Antalya and its hotels, spent a pleasant weekend in the organization organized by Anex Tour.

Every year hosting hundreds of agency representatives in Antalya, Anex Tour organized a special organization for the press this time.

Anex Tour invited 35 members of the press from different cities of Russia to Nirvana Cosmopolitan in Antalya, organized by Kilit Group, and offered the members of the press a break from their busy schedules and a chance to introduce Antalya and Antalya hotels.

Russian press representatives who came to Antalya on Friday and got acquainted with the vacation opportunities offered by Antalya and Anex Tour at the conference held on Saturday attended a gala dinner prepared for them in the evening.

Representatives of the press, who spent a pleasant night, flew back to their countries on Sunday.
Anex Tour Russia deputy director general Yana Muromova said they had organized a special trip for members of the press and said they had not only had the opportunity to take a short vacation, but also to introduce the press from Antalya and Antalya hotels to the organization they had organized.
Muromova said: “Companies in Russia are afraid of press representatives.

We, on the other hand, since 2016, have been communicating more and more with members of the press.
We thought we should get together not only with vacationers and agency representatives, but also with members of the press.

Because members of the press are the people who have their finger on the pulse of the regions and cities they’re in.

The news and information they give is very important to readers.”
Noting that they organize special events for members of the press, Muromova said: “We started these events in Moscow and have started holding them every year.
We meet regularly with our press representatives.
This year we did things differently and came to Antalya.
We are hosting 35 members of the press in Antalya with our organization.
They really liked Antalya.
Usually we host hundreds of agencies here every year, but this time we organized an event just for members of the press.
We wanted them to feel special.
They got to know Antalya and the hotels up close in 3 days.
We will do this press tour in the coming years.
We plan to make a trip to Istanbul as well as Antalya,” he said.

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