New step from Russia on the use of MIR cards in Turkey


The Russian newspaper RBC reported that two major Russian banks are planning to place POS-terminals in some countries to be able to use Mir.

2 Russian banks are considering the possibility of installing POS-terminals in friendly countries to accept Mir cards. First, this system is planned to be launched in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.
RBC’s report does not specify which two Russian banks will switch to the system.

According to a source close to the government, whose name the newspaper did not give, one of the Russian banks plans to install POS-terminals only in Turkey, and the other – in Turkey and the UAE.
It is planned that the system will work as follows: the receiving bank, the payment system, the entrepreneur, etc. Makes a transaction with a broker who can. The broker makes a contract with a store or hotel (TSP) and takes the POS terminal of the bank in question and puts it in the workplace. Then, while payments are being made, the buyers’ money is deposited into the broker’s account at the buyer’s bank. The broker converts the received ruble to the desired currency and transfers it to the seller’s current account. The broker may charge the seller a commission for such services.

The store or hotel issues a power of attorney to the agent. The intermediary contacts the Russian beneficiary bank, opens a rouble account for the merchant and concludes a sales contract with the bank on his behalf, after which he takes the POS-terminals and ships them to the merchant.
Pavel Ikert, a managing partner of the law firm “Ikert and partners” explains that this plan may not violate federal legislation on banking regulation and functioning of national payment system since it is limited within the borders of the Russian Federation.

Experts also draw attention to the need to obtain a license from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency to provide payment services in Turkey.

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