Asked for permission to fly cheaply to Antalya every day


“Pobeda, the only major domestic airline that stopped all its flights from Russia after the sanctions, has decided to reopen its gates to Turkey with flights to Antalya. If the flights begin, ticket prices are expected to fall even more.

According to Kommersant, Aeroflot’s economy class airline Pobeda has officially asked Rosaviatsiya to open daily flights from Moscow to Antalya starting December 23. “Pobeda” also wants to start flights to Istanbul.

According to experts, these flights are designed for use during New Year holidays and for sale of tickets at bargain prices to Russians who buy property in Turkey.
It is not yet clear where the flights of “Pobeda” to Turkey will take place, but most likely Sheremetyevo airport will be used.

“Pobeda” completely suspended international flights from March 8 after the Federal Air Transport Agency advised “airlines with foreign planes not to risk flying.”

In the summer, Pobeda’s planes could not start flights because of the problem of double registration in both the Bermuda and Russian registries. According to Kommersant, Pobeda managed to deregister aircraft owned by its foreign subsidiaries VTB-Leasing and Sber-Leasing from Bermuda air registers in the summer. These planes were subleased from Aeroflot and will now be able to continue international flights without the risk of confiscation due to double registration. A source in Aeroflot said that flights to Antalya will be operated by aircraft owned by VTB-Leasing.

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